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Tadalafil 20

Tadalafil 20

The active ingredient in the drug is Cialis – is a very effective tool to increase sexual arousal. Tadalafil is the generic Cialis, it acts on the male body is similar, that is, increases blood flow to the penis (thus, the availability of natural male sexual arousal is also mandatory). The main difference of Cialis from Viagra – a longer duration of action, which can be up to 36 hours. In addition, the effect of tadalafil is somewhat more pronounced than from its “brothers” Sildenafil.

Within 15 minutes after taking tadalafil effect is felt, this is due to the rapid resorption of the substance in human blood.
Tadalafil is rapidly absorbed into blood and has an effect in 30 – 60 min. after administration. This material performs a major role in the composition of Cialis, it was synthesized in order to stimulate a rush of blood to the male genitals, that is, to enhance erectile function of the male body. It is important to note that Generic Cialis does not contain part of any hormones or pheromones, and it is not aimed at enhancing libido.

The presence of sexual arousal – this is just a prerequisite for the activation of the drug Tadalafil. And the Cialis will enhance erection by increasing blood flow to the penis of men.

In tadalafil, as with any drug, there are contraindications. However, compared with other drugs to enhance potency, they are rather low. If you suffer from cardiovascular diseases or diseases of the central nervous system, you should always consult with your doctor about taking Tadalafil. Determine the need for preparation and right to appoint only able to sex therapist or urologist. Do not self-refer to a specialist.

It is worth knowing that the reproductive function Tadalafil has no absolutely no effect. Tolerance to the drug does not appear ever.

How and how much to eat.

In terms of the drug all purely individual. This means that for every man would be a different effect. If you – a man of middle age, your exemplary dose – is 20 mg (one tablet) Tadalafil, which must be taken immediately before intercourse. Do not be lazy and lock time (within 36 hours after ingestion) in which you observed the maximum readiness for sexual activity. In the future you will be able to adjust its “necessary and sufficient” dose. More than once a day to use Cialis is not recommended. Persons under the age of 18 is simply not prescribe Cialis.

Side effects.

You can experience the side effects of the drug Cialis: headache, dyspepsia, myalgia, runny nose, back pain. Less common eye problems: conjunctivitis, swelling of the upper eyelids, pain in the eyes. On further admission side effects of tadalafil are generally smoothed out or disappear altogether.

An overdose of the drug is dangerous, in clarifying the clinical picture of the patient may be hospitalized and treated in a hospital. It is important to remember that the presence of chronic cardiovascular diseases should not use Cialis without consulting a doctor – a cardiologist.

Cenforce Production India.

The decision about how to buy Cenforce must be weighed, and it is important to know that the use of these drugs with alcohol or fatty foods are strongly recommended. In this case, the total purchase Cenforce lead to a waste of money. Finally, alcohol and fatty foods have a negative impact on the components of medicine. In addition, there are other possible negative consequences.

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