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Erectile dysfunction treatment at home

Problems with potency can appear in men at any age. Not everyone has the opportunity or desire to visit a doctor. Therefore, many are interested in how to get rid of erectile dysfunction at home.

Erectile dysfunction or impotence most often occurs in men over the age of 50. But malnutrition, bad habits, bad ecology and other factors are the reasons that this ailment also affects young men of the stronger sex.
In all men, problems with potency cause feelings of inferiority and shame. Therefore, most of them prefer not to go to the doctor and try to cure impotence at home.
But in order to choose the right treatment, a specialist’s consultation is still necessary. After all, to develop a clear plan of action, you first need to determine the cause of sexual dysfunction.

Diagnosis and therapy.

Treat erectile dysfunction at home preferably after a visit to the doctor. Similar problems are dealt with by specialists such as a urologist and sex therapist. Therefore, it is advisable not to postpone the visit to them and as soon as possible to determine the cause of the disease.

Violation of sexual function can contribute.

Stresses, overwork.

Urological diseases.

Pathological processes in the body in the form of diabetes, atherosclerosis, obesity.
Impotence is manifested by a decreased or absent erection, premature ejaculation or lack of sexual desire. All of the above signs indicate a sexual disorder.
For each case, choose a separate treatment. Most often, therapy can be carried out at home. Only if there are vascular disorders or pathologies of the urinary tract may surgical treatment be required. In other situations, it is possible to cure impotence at home.

A course of treatment.

A man who has encountered this problem should know that the treatment of impotence is a fairly long and time-consuming process. He will have to radically change his way of life and use several wellness techniques at once.
Treatment at home consists of such rules.
First of all, a man must get rid of bad habits, normalize the diet, do not neglect physical activity.
If necessary, you can use drugs to temporarily restore your erection. They are taken 1 hour before coition.

The use of drugs prescribed by a doctor, to improve blood circulation in the pelvic organs, stabilize the hormonal background and stimulate the production of testosterone.
Use of folk recipes based on medicinal plants that stimulate sexual function.
Elimination of stress and self-doubt with the help of psychotherapeutic methods.
Perform special exercises or massage.
Do not forget that treating impotence with stimulant drugs is ineffective. They get rid of the problem only for a while. But the change in lifestyle will give the desired result.

Nutrition for men’s health and medicines.

Treatment at home involves not only the reception of various means, but the right diet. It is with the normalization of nutrition and it is necessary to begin to treat impotence.

There are useful and harmful products for men.

To quickly and permanently heal, first of all it is necessary to abandon alcoholic beverages, fatty and fried foods. It is better to give preference to the gifts of the sea. Very useful in this case mussels, shrimps, oysters, squid.
It is necessary to increase the consumption of fresh vegetable crops and fruits. Pumpkin seeds and walnuts have a positive effect on erection.
Caffeine lowers the production of testosterone, so its use should also be limited. It is better to replace coffee by taking green tea and freshly squeezed juices. This will affect the male sexual function in the most positive way.
Treatment of potency at home can include the use of products that have the properties of aphrodisiacs.

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